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How do you fancy a career that’s rewarding, has great pay, real progression and support at every step of the way?

Sounds good, but there’s got to be a catch right? 

What if we told you that you could have all of the above and make a real difference to people’s lives.

Well, here at Home From Home Care, that’s exactly what we offer. 

With flexible roles to suit everyone, generous pay and bonuses, and oodles of support including free mental health counselling and flexible payment schemes, there’s a reason why we’re rated Platinum by Investors in People.

The pay you deserve

We get it.

Turn on the news and you’d think that all jobs in care mean being overworked and underpaid. Here at Home From Care though, we do things differently.

Rewarding work shouldn’t leave you struggling financially so we pay well beyond the average pay for the sector.

In your very first job with us – even if you have no experience – you could be earning £11.44 per hour with our attendance bonus of up to 4% for no unauthorised absences. That works out to a full time salary of £23,795!

And, because we invest in you and your professional development, it won’t be long before your pay rises even higher as you progress in your career – with most people earning 53% more after five years with us.

As an accredited Living Wage Employer, we are committed to the belief that our staff deserve a wage that meets everyday needs, because it’s the right thing to do.

We also offer flexible working to suit your lifestyle and flexible pay options – including an immediate £100 advance on monthly pay and the ability to get paid within 24 hours of any additional shifts you choose to take on. 

A career with meaning

Nobody wants to be bored and unfulfilled at work… At least, most people don’t.

If you’re like us and you want a career with real meaning, where every day is different and you’re empowered by a supportive team and innovative technology, look no further!

Joining Home From Home Care means you’ll be joining a fantastic team with a sense of belonging and a shared purpose of changing lives for the better.

The most critical skills for this are empathy and compassion – and we demonstrate those same qualities as an employer because we look after our team members just as much as the individuals we support.

We offer free mental health and occupational health support, and our unique high-tech smart systems mean we can keep workloads manageable and fair – while also giving you amazing insights and data to help you make an even greater impact.

We also really love diversity – so whatever your age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, life circumstances, background, religion or country of origin, you’re welcome here and we’ll do everything we can to allow you to be yourself.

The sky’s the limit!

Far from being a dead end job, joining us means you’ll never stop growing and developing skills. 

We offer over 90 different job roles and we want you to follow your interests and progress your career in a way that works for you:

  • Gain IT and intersourcing skills by getting hands-on with our amazing New Model of Care
  • Get trained up as an HR or marketing expert
  • Become a professional events and activities planner
  • Keep things running smoothly in our maintenance team
  • Progress to become a manager or partner and become a leader

Our continuous training and development opportunities are open to all of our team members, and we’re passionate about finding the right role for you to carve out a career with us.

We truly believe that care should be a career where you can grow, develop your skills and improve the lives of others.

All of this and more is waiting for you here at Home From Home Care. Head over to our job vacancies page or contact us and we can help you to start a career like no other.

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