Meet the Team – Maddie Dockerty, Day Opportunities

Meet the team - Maddie

Our ‘Meet the Team’ series continues with Maddie Dockerty, Assistant Manager for Day Opportunities at Home From Home Care. Each instalment is designed to help you learn more about the people delivering exceptional care and support at Home From Home Care.


Before joining Home From Home Care, Maddie trained in Teaching and Special Educational Needs at Plymouth University. She joined Home From Home Care as a multi-base Support Worker before progressing to Assistant Manager.


What do you enjoy most about working for HFHC?

I really enjoy using my inspiration and creativity to make a difference to each individual we support. It really is all about them. From getting to know the individuals’ aspirations, interests and knowledge, to building tailored support –  then seeing their recognition and enjoyment from achieving this. I have also worked alongside fantastic staff teams who value and support one another.


What has been the highlight of your HFHC career?

I think a personal highlight was having a dance with an individual at club night. We had been working on their social skills and with time and support progressed from watching in the corner to taking centre stage on the dance floor.

I have also really enjoyed contributing towards the ongoing development of HFHC services – through both the Day Opportunities and the Outcomes project. These influence how to progress the individuals we support to gain the sense of achievement from everything they do.


How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

 Enthusiastic, Proactive, Reflective


What is the most challenging aspect of your role?

I think the most challenging aspect of my role is the responsibility for keeping up with legislation and policies. This can be fast changing at times.


What makes HFHC’s approach to care different from other care providers?

HFHC’S innovative thinking and strive towards development. HFHC not only provides individuals with fulfilled and active lives based on their interests, but also appreciates that in entering adult life individuals should be provided with continuous learning experiences to develop life skills. HFHC also offer their staff great opportunities for personal career development.


Tell us more about Day Opportunities. What activities take place?

For me, the learning never stops from school to adult life. We continue to constantly develop ourselves – whether that’s learning to fish, cook or plan an event. In Day Opportunities, just as in other services, we aim to cater our service to the interests of the individuals. We offer a range of opportunities from day trips, internal and external activities, workshops and events.


What do individuals gain through Day Opportunities?

 Individuals not only develop vital communication skills through the huge range of tailored activities we offer, they also achieve new life skills. We are now expanding our course programme to allow individuals to gain training experiences that can then be put into practice, such as our Shop Management course.



Day opportunities supports people living in the community as well as those living in HFHC, with purpose built ‘Hubs’ located in Dorrington, Fiskerton and Bardney. Find out more information about Day Opportunities here.


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