Myicro Living

In each location, we have designed and built different types and sizes of homes – where small groups of compatible people can live together or on their own.

Differently normal, an individual and their staff team are a community. Outward facing, they can interact with the wider inclusive community on their own terms, whilst benefitting from a home life shared with their peers.

A range of services are designed to meet each individual’s care and support needs and their aspirations. For some, their home may also be a ‘pathway’ to another service that may offer more independence.

The various locations incorporate different CQC registered residential services and a Community ‘Hub’, including an activity centre and sensory room. As appropriate, the ‘Hub’ can be accessed by the individuals we support as well as those living in the wider community.


Critical Mass of Staffing

Multiple staff teams working on one site create a high level of staff resource & flexibility covering most eventualities, including staff absences, individual and staff compatibility, and extra support for individuals having a difficult ‘day’.

Social Interaction

Whilst the focus of interaction is outward looking at the wider community, a great deal of social interaction takes place between different individuals. This may range from a couple of friends meeting for a coffee, to a larger group celebrating a birthday party or an impromptu BBQ.