An Ordinary Life

An individual’s care comprises thousands of events and millions of seconds. From one second to the next, situations change, so managing and understanding “moments of change” is key to supporting each individual’s ‘ordinary life’.

Myicro gives each individual an effective voice that supports their wishes and aspirations for an ‘ordinary life’. It
pulls together all relevant real-time data from actions and reactions in their daily life, based on their wellbeing,
likes, dislikes, co-workers and the environment

A New Model of Care

Myicro is the new model for specialist care. It is made possible by our essentially paperless, real-time data
driven systems, which create transparency and expectations for the delivery of proactive care and support.
Myicro’s existence is predicated on the continuous streaming of live data which feeds integrated management
processes and specialist teams, delivering measurable and enhanced outcomes.

Myicro frees Registered Managers to focus on actual care delivery by changing the traditional silo approach that requires them to do everything.

The data and communications infrastructure make this possible by increasing the typical 3 or 4 support
departments to some 20 semi-autonomous specialist support functions which play to colleague strengths. Called
Intersourcers, the individuals’ wellbeing is fundamental to their purpose.


Myicro’s ONE TEAM Working creates and delivers ever-evolving solutions to each individual’s ever-changing
needs. Embedded in the whole organisation, it is transparent and collaborative, playing to everyone’s strengths in a no-blame culture.

In “moments of change”, Managers and colleagues supported by Intersourcers are empowered to understand and react to each specific issue. By dealing with issues, care becomes increasingly proactive to the advantage of all.

Home From Home Care’s values-based recruitment process means that colleagues share our objective of delivering
an ‘ordinary life’ for each individual that we are privileged to support. Myicro Career Development creates
multiple opportunities for co-workers, allowing them to develop their career to the next level or focus on a specialist
area of interest.

The Myicro Approach

Myicro is a dynamic, continuous improvement approach which creates sustainability through real-time
awareness of issues that drive up quality and compliance.

Myicro risk management relentlessly challenges the status quo for each individual and is the gatekeeper to an
expanding world of new opportunities.

Myicro is based on the individual always being at the centre of everything we do, to better support their
‘ordinary life’.