Specialist Integration Homes

Specialist Integration Homes are an evolution of our therapeutic residential care & support model, reflected in the design of the space and service delivery.

Each individual has their own suite of rooms. These can be totally independent from the rest of the building, or operate as part of a small group.

This enhanced flexibility makes the Specialist Integration Homes ideal for a range of individuals with differing levels of complexity.

For those with extreme complexities, they are a registered social care alternative and pathway out of more institutionally based services, such as semi-secure units / hospital settings. For others they may be a transition service and pathway into a more appropriate service.

Staffing is specific to each individual being supported. For some with greater levels of complexity we allocate more specialist colleagues who include members of our Myicro PBS Team.


Spacious Living Areas

In addition to a bedroom and en-suite, each individual has their own spacious living room connecting to the communal area. Their living room has built-in flexibility, allowing for the installation of a personal kitchen, enabling them to live independently from the rest of the home.

More Independent Living

The objective is that each individual can, as their complexities and/or wishes determine, live fully independently without the need to integrate with others. The communal area can also be a pathway to greater social integration, allowing each individual to access it on their own terms.

Social Integration

For very complex individuals, this service successfully supports their integration or reintegration into a social care environment. Each location offers scope for further social integration with other individuals, whilst also facilitating access to the wider community.