Busting the myths about working in care

Working in care




You’ll have an idea of what working in care is like…. and you might be right… but not here!

We’re leading a revolution in social care and we’re doing things differently.

Noone wants a job where you’re taken for granted and treated like a cog in a machine, poorly paid, nowhere to go and no chance of a life outside of work.

We pay well, with rewarding work, amazing career opportunities, flexibility and we’re more high-tech than any other care provider.

MYTH – Carers are low paid, aren’t they?

It’s true that working in care can mean low wages, but not at Home From Home Care.

We pay an average hourly rate of £12.30… or £25,373 over a year.

Everyone over 18 earns at least £11 per hour with us. That means you’ll be earning £1.50 more every hour than most other people in the sector, even if you’ve never worked in care before. And that’s before qualifying for an additional 4% (44 pence an hour) attendance bonus!

MYTH – Isn’t it unpleasant and unsatisfying?

Every day, you’ll be making someone’s life a little better and making a real difference in your community.

Working with individuals to achieve their hopes and dreams, overcoming disabilities to live active, fulfilling lives as part of the community.

Plus, the work is good fun. Our colleagues take part in activities including horse-riding, fishing, cycling, go-karting, rock climbing and even indoor sky-diving! One day, you’ll be taking a person to the park or to go shopping, the next, you’ll be working on an innovative IT-led project, and then you’ll be letting your hair down at a party.

With us, you’ll get to make a real difference to the lives of people with learning difficulties, autism and complex physical and mental health and you’ll share in the joy of working with them.  

The people we support need kindness, empathy, patience, friendship, guidance and support.  It can be challenging at times, and it can be tough but the reward of seeing a person flourish thanks to your hard work is immeasurable.

Kara progressed from a level 1 personal support worker to an assistant manager within the space of a year at Home From Home Care. She said:

“I enjoy building relationships with the individuals and taking them out on activities. I also enjoy how flexible Home From Home Care is.

“Working in care is amazing, fulfilling, and every single day is completely different. I love it!”

MYTH – Care work is a dead-end job, right?

Not with us!

People who’ve been with us for five years earn 53% more than people in their starting roles – that’s real pay progression.

Compare that to other care providers where people who’ve worked in care for five years earn just 7p more per hour than those in starting roles on average and we stand out a mile!

We offer fantastic career and development opportunities to all of our team. Training never stops; we’ll always invest in your skills, talents and interests, and we have more than 90 different job roles you can progress toward.

Jack, who previously worked at a fast food restaurant, is now a positive behavioural support partner at Home From Home Care. He said:

“It really is a stepping stone with so much scope for progression and personal growth – I achieved two promotions in under 10 months.

“Working here is a massive opportunity – if you put your mind to it and have the determination, you can do anything.”

MYTH – Poor work life balance?

Think a career in care means spending all of your time at work? Think again.

We offer flexible work that suits your lifestyle and fits around your commitments.

That means that if you’re a student, a parent or even a volunteer of the Territorial Army, you can make work fit around your responsibilities and home life, working at times that suit you.

Home From Home Care assistant manager, Tom, values the flexible working on offer:

“Home From Home Care has been so accommodating, fitting my work hours around my family commitments. Being on a flex contract has made a huge difference to my family dynamics – enabling me to help with school runs during the week and see more of my children.”

MYTH – Outdated and stuck in the 20th century?

We’re unique in the sector because of our cutting edge data informed NewModel of Care.

Our unique data-informed system was developed in-house over 12 years and it empowers all of our colleagues to help us deliver outstanding care.

It helps us solve issues before they become problems and relieves our colleagues of paperwork, admin and stress. It gives all our colleagues the information they need to reach their full potential.

It also means we have lots of exciting jobs in IT, software development, data intelligence and more.

Changing perspectives on working in care

Now that we’ve busted some myths, why not join us here at Home From Home Care?
If you’d like to find out more and browse our current opportunities, head over to our job vacancies page.

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