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From support worker to data intelligence analyst…in one year!

If you’re coming out of uni or college with a degree in IT, computer sciences or programming, the last place you’d look for work is the care sector… 

But we’re not like other care providers!

Berin joined us one year ago while studying for a Master’s in Computer Science. Working part time to support his studies, he’s progressed from frontline care as a really great support worker to becoming a full-blown data intelligence analyst.

Yes, we really do have data intelligence analysts, ten at the last count! 

Leading a digital revolution in social care

As well as paying well and looking after our colleagues, we’re passionate about training, development and career progression. And, on top of that, we embrace technology and innovation to work smarter, not harder with the help of our data-informed New Model of Care that’s truly pioneering.

At the centre of this is Zone Standard; an IT enabled system which empowers all our colleagues with real data, generated from across our 11 care homes and specialist integration facilities.

This helps us to resolve issues before they can become problems, spotting trends, finding opportunities to improve and preventing our colleagues from being overburdened or overwhelmed. Zone Standard lets us share resources, expertise and, most importantly, knowledge.

It’s also really cool.

The kind of tech careers we offer in the care industry are unheard of – we’re a decade ahead of the pack. Our team is creating apps and programs that give other tech companies a run for their money and what we’re creating and using on a daily basis is up there with the big leagues. Our tech is even finding its way into the NHS. 

Because of this, we have a huge variety of career pathways with over 90 different job roles.  Whether you want to work directly with the individuals we support or work behind the scenes, if you want to plan events and activities or if you want to work on our marketing, HR or maintenance, we encourage all our colleagues to follow their interests and create a career that works for them – and that includes working in tech.

“A year ago I absolutely did not think that I would be in this role”

When Berin joined Home From Home Care in January 2022, he didn’t have any previous experience in care and he certainly didn’t expect to be where he is today. He explains:

“As a university student I was looking for a well paid part time job while I studied. I did not have any experience in care but I got a lot of training and support to progress. 

“When I graduated I applied for an experience day as a data intelligence analyst and it was brilliant. A year ago I absolutely did not think that I would be in this role having progressed into a job I am passionate about. It’s amazing how much I have progressed.”

“I actually make a difference in peoples’ lives”

Alongside his epic career progression, Berin also values working in a role that changes lives and has a real impact. He said:

“I absolutely think that Home From Home Care is a very exciting company to work for. You have a lot of experiences and I actually make a difference in peoples’ lives.”

At Home From Home Care, all of our colleagues get to have a real, positive impact on the lives of people with learning difficulties, autism and complex physical and mental health. As a result, on top of the great pay, you can share in the reward of seeing people flourish due to your hard work and ingenuity is immensely satisfying – and you can’t put a price on that!

Careers based on compassion and innovation

At Home From Home Care we truly believe that the careers we offer are unique in the sector.

We’re leading the way to transform social care for the better, guided by our data-informed system that’s the most advanced in the country.

If you have the right attitude, and a determination to make a difference, we have rewarding and exciting career opportunities for you

Visit our job vacancies page to find out more and browse our latest opportunities. 

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