Kyle’s neon rave party

Kyle's Rave party

At Home From Home Care, we encourage and enable the individuals we support to follow their passions and live an ordinary life. 

One of the individuals we support, Kyle, wanted to organise a neon rave party and invite all of his friends. So we supported him to do just that! 

A night of dancing and fun

Kyle, who has learning disabilities and autism, was supported to organise the whole event, set it up and tidied up afterwards.

He arranged a pop-up party dome and a sound system, which were set up in the grounds at the Bardney location, and he organised catering of hot dogs, bacon baps and cocktails. 

30 of Kyle’s friends from across the Home From Home Care homes attended the event for an evening of dancing and neon rave fun! 

Kyle is also a qualified first aider and fire marshall after undertaking training tailored to him. He is trained to administer CPR, deal with choking, bumps, cuts and bruises. Thankfully, his first aid and fire marshalling skills were not required on the night, but it meant that the event could be delivered with an extra level of safety! 

“Pandemonium, but brilliant!”

Paul de Savary, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Home From Home Care, said:

“Kyle came into our services eight years ago after a five month transition period. During that transition time we got to know Kyle, who was in an ATU (assessment and treatment unit) at the time. The Kyle that came into us is not the Kyle we see today who is always out and about in the community – he has truly flourished in his new home. 

“He’s one of those landmark individuals whose level of complexity at the time he came in really made us think, ‘can we give him an ordinary life?’

“Kyle is absolutely an exceptional individual and the whole team that supports him and works with him have created a phenomenal life for him, so even when he is in his down time at home, his life is animated and full of social interaction.

“The neon rave party that Kyle organised recently was fantastic… pandemonium, but brilliant! To see individuals coming from all over to join together and have a good time was great to see.” 

Claire, Activity Hub Manager, said:

“Kyle is hugely into socialising and he loves making people happy. He liked the concept of organising a big party, hosting it, and letting his friends have a great time and we’ve supported him to do that. 

“The guys that live with us are here to live their own lives and all we want to do is help them to do that. The vibe was fabulous, it was an amazing evening!”

Do you want to help individuals like Kyle live their best lives? Head over to our job vacancies page and find out how you can start a career like no other. 

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