Meet the Team – Anthony Heppell

Meet the team - Anthony

Our ‘Meet the Team’ series continues with Anthony Heppell, Assistant Locality Manager. Each instalment is designed to help you learn more about the people delivering exceptional care and support at Home From Home Care.

Anthony joined Home From Home Care two years ago having previously worked for another learning disability care company as a registered manager. As Assistant Locality Manager Anthony supports the Registered Managers and liaises with Intersourcers to promote best practice throughout the organisation.

What do you enjoy about working for Home From Home Care?

Seeing the progression of the people we support. Whether they are new to us or people that have lived with us for years, it’s about how far they have come since they have been with us.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Confident, adaptable and understanding.

How have you supported others in their career growth at Home From Home Care?

For me one of the best aspects of my role is supporting Assistant Managers to achieve their potential. For an Assistant Manager who is new to the role, supporting, mentoring and developing them through their individual journey is very satisfying. Seeing Assistant Managers go on to become Registered Managers and witnessing the confidence and knowledge they gain, not only develops the company but staff see this journey and aspire to do this themselves.

How do team working dynamics differ from other care providers?

The One Team, it is as simple as that. Other care providers have a very fixed structure consisting of managers and staff. Our flexible approach and ONE TEAM Working ensures that an individual can focus on what they are great at and be supported by other experts, allowing the individuals we support to have fulfilled lives and opportunities.

What new initiatives, activities or changes have you implemented during your time at Home From Home Care?

The Assistant Manager planner was a big project which is being used by all the Assistant Managers in the homes to plan their working week. It has changed the approach and time management of all the Assistant Managers in the organisation, helping to improve outcomes for the people we support.

What are you excited about getting involved in during future months?

The Outcome Project is very exciting. This is the first stages of mapping an individual’s journey whilst living in one of our services, tracking achievements and ensuring wishes are being met. This will be the product that links the care plans to the diaries and evidences the outcomes individuals are achieving. The reports that will be created will also evidence towards our Outstanding approach.

What has been your particular highlight during your time working from Home From Home Care?

There have been so many but it always comes back to when we achieve something great with an individual we support. When someone is going through a bad time, either because of physical or mental health, the ability to be able to quickly identify changes, additional support requirements and have input from highly trained staff to support that period makes a huge difference. We have been successful on so many occasions with this approach and ensuring the people we support achieve their potential.

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