Meet the Team – Claire Hanson

Meet the team - Claire

Our ‘Meet the Team’ series continues with Claire Hanson, Assistant Manager for Orchard Lodge based at Dorrington. Each instalment is designed to help you learn more about the people delivering exceptional care and support at Home From Home Care.

Claire joined Home From Home Care five years ago, starting as a PSW1 at the Hawthorns. Gaining knowledge and experience working across a number of homes Claire progressed to her current position. Claire worked as a Personal and Social Development Lecturer before joining Home From Home Care and she is a fully qualified Special Needs Riding Instructor.

What do you enjoy most about working for HFHC?

Everyone is incredibly passionate about what they do. This is clear to see every day I come to work – from the support workers in the homes, to the senior management team and all the support teams such as HR and IT. Everyone works towards the same shared goals.

What has been the highlight of your HFHC career?

A particular service user had refused to go swimming for 12 years, so I spent 4 months encouraging her and finally supported her to swim. She absolutely loves swimming now and it gives her tremendous freedom, new confidence and the opportunity to build relationships.

What is the most challenging aspect of your role?

Getting my paperwork completed in time – being with the people we support is much more fun!

What makes HFHC’s approach to care different from other care providers?

– The complete person-centred approach which is like nothing I have worked in before.
– The passion that is shown and the complete transparency in all aspect of the business.
– The ability and enthusiasm shown to celebrate all achievements.
– Staff support and development is second to none.
– The constant desire to continue to improve Health and Social Care as an industry to benefit as many individuals as possible.

How do the service user facilities and activities differ from other care providers?

The homes at HFHC are simply amazing. Bedrooms are complete designed, altered and re-built for each and every individual that we support, to ensure that we really are providing a home for each person – somewhere that is truly theirs. The homes themselves are spacious and the newer homes have been built to meet the specific needs of the individuals moving in.
I have never worked in a company with such high staffing ratios and this enables everyone to live a fulfilled life and access the community as they wish.

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