Meet the Team – Georgina Otter

Meet the team - Georgina

In our next Meet the Team article we are introducing Georgina Otter, Assistant Manager at The Brambles based in Bardney. This series gives you the chance to learn more about our dedicated support staff team.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Caring, approachable and fun.

How have you been supported in your career growth at Home From Home Care?
During my time at Home From Home Care I have been supported not only by the staff team, managers and HR team but also by the parents of the individuals we support. My knowledge and experience has expanded in many areas and continues to do so.

What do you enjoy about working for Home From Home Care?
The service users at HFHC are fantastic, seeing them living fulfilled life’s is very rewarding. Working from a PSW2 to becoming an Assistant Manager in two years has been a highlight of working here, but there is nothing more rewarding than finding a new way to make the service users smile or make a positive difference to their lives.

How do the service user facilities and activities, differ from other care providers?
Service users are always doing different and exciting activities. There is always something to do. We also have many specially adapted vehicles on site which allows us to easily travel wherever the activities may take us. HFHC provide outstanding care – all service users’ needs are met, for instance with specially adapted living accommodation designed around their needs.

How do team working dynamics differ from other care providers?
At Home From Home Care we work with a One Team attitude. We all pull together and support anyone and everyone we can. This brings the staff team together but also ensures the service users have fulfilled lives.

What new activities have you implemented during your time at Home From Home Care?
There have been many new and exciting activities which I have helped to plan and attend. One example is a service user holiday to Flamingo Land, the individuals had such a fantastic time. Some of the smaller day to day activities, such as taking the people we support shopping for clothing and trying these on in the shop, are also really important. It has given the people we support new experiences and ensured they had the opportunity to choose.

What are you excited about getting involved in during future months at The Brambles?
Over the next few months all our service users have holidays planned, these have been planned around their likes and interests and should be a really great opportunity for them to enjoy the summer months.
What has been your particular highlight during your time working from Home From Home Care?
My overall highlight is taking some of the service users from the Brambles to Alton Towers. To see their happy, smiling faces after a fun day out is an incredible feeling. You have made a positive difference to their lives.


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