Showing Support for Ukraine with 3,000 Daffodils

3000 Daffodils

A florist in Lincolnshire has given 3,000 daffodils to individuals at Home From Home Care, after the recent storms meant they had thousands of daffodils they were unable to sell.

Evolve Flowers in Pinchbeck donated the flowers on St David’s Day, the Daffodils were collected and taken to the Social Care Exchange where the team tied bunches together with yellow and blue ribbons to show our support for Ukraine.

The Individuals were delighted to each receive a bunch of flowers to keep, as well extra daffodils to share with with local businesses, community groups and friends in their local communities.

Hugo de Savary, director of Home From Home Care said:

“We were absolutely delighted when Helen at Evolve Flowers got in touch with us to say they’d like to give so many flowers to the individuals we support, and we were even more amazed when we realised how many there’d be! We’ve collected dozens of crates filled with beautiful daffodils and we’re giving them to each of the people we support. As well as having a bunch for themselves, we’re also giving them bunches which they can share with other people in the community. 

“As well as caring for people, a huge part of our work is helping people with complex needs to be active members of the wider community, with as much independence as possible. The individuals we support will be giving away flowers to the people, businesses and organisations they care for and appreciate, and it’s also a simple way for them to express support for the people of Ukraine.

“Many individuals have been following the news from Ukraine and we’ve been helping them to understand and process that in a way which is appropriate for them. These things can be challenging for people with learning difficulties and complex needs so this is one way we’re helping them to respond to that and we’ll be doing more on this in the coming weeks.

They’re very excited about this great opportunity to spread some goodwill and solidarity. I’m really excited for them – arranging things like this is one of the best parts of my job and it puts a smile on all of our faces.”

Florist, Helen Chambers at Evolve Flowers who donated the flowers said:

“Last week there were quite a lot of storms and that meant that our customers weren’t going into our flower studio or the florists we supply as they normally would while they stopped at home in case a tree fell on them or something like that. As a result, we had thousands of flowers which are nearly ready to bloom. They’re full of joy and they’re very springy and lovely, but we just had too many of them! These poor daffodils have grown from a bulb and used all their energy to produce these beautiful flowers so I had to find a home for them – and where better than Home From Home Care!”

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