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Days out at HFHC

A life goal for most young adults is to work in a job that they enjoy. But, for those with a learning disability, autism or complex needs, this goal may not seem easily achievable.

The individuals that we have the privilege to support at Home From Home Care, each have their own aspirations which they want to achieve. A common goal is to get a job, which is exactly what Kyle has been working towards.

Supported by his Core Team, Kyle was recently able to identify several different opportunities for work experience before choosing the one that he thought he would enjoy the most, a volunteer role at his local kennels. This was a huge achievement for Kyle.

The role includes helping to clean out, feed and water the smaller animals before spending time with the dogs. He hopes that he will be able to further his work with the dogs as he develops his relationship with staff and the animals at the kennels.

Other individuals that we support undertake jobs including working at their local tea room and a railway station. These roles contribute significantly towards an individual’s self-worth and play an important part in enabling them to contribute to community life, so that they can feel they are a valued member of that community.

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