Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Days out at HFHC

We have been lucky to have experienced a very mild autumn so far, enjoying lots of days out and outdoor adventures.

From garden games with friends to trips to some of our local parks, and even a visit to West Midlands Safari Park, the individuals that we support have been making the most of the warm, dry days by taking part in a wide range of day trips and activities.

Outdoor games such as basketball, football or catch provide the perfect opportunity to not only interact with other individuals but also to use fine motor skills while having fun at the same time.

We are extremely lucky to have some great parks and coastal locations within easy reach – all of which are regularly frequented by some of our individuals. These are usually quieter during week days providing the perfect location for a day out or picnic for those who prefer to stay away from the hustle and bustle. And not forgetting structured activities such as rock climbing and horse riding!

We all take for granted the ability to go shopping, go for a walk in the park or catch up with friends. For many vulnerable people these everyday activities are beyond their reach, we support individuals to overcome significant barriers, be part of their local communities, and live an ‘ordinary life’.

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