Food for Thought

Days out at HFHC

The sun was shining as an individual from The Old Hall joined Director Hugo de Savary for brunch at Doddington Hall this week.

With a keen interest in social event organising, the individual gave Hugo some great ideas for future events while they both enjoyed a relaxed meal together. From a Halloween ‘ghost walk’ to a Christmas pantomime and an awards ceremony for staff, there were some fantastic ideas to take away and put into action.

It is vital that all of the individuals we have the privilege to support can have their views heard. Continued communication with the senior staff members plays an important part in this and ensuring that we can continue to provide the very best and most appropriate support to every individual – to make their time with HFHC happy and fulfilled.

The ideas suggested will be looked at in more detail in coming weeks and we look forward to seeing some of them incorporated into our homes.

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