Epilepsy does not define us!

Epilepsy Day

Have you noticed anyone wearing purple today?

Today is International Day for Epilepsy or ‘Purple Day’, with people across the globe coming together to raise awareness of the condition and make a difference to the lives of people affected.

Currently over 500,000 people in the UK are living with epilepsy, with 87 people newly diagnosed every single day. For many of the sufferers, epilepsy has a severe impact on their lives, including some of the individuals who we are privileged to support at Home From Home Care.

The ethos at Home From Home Care is to ensure that all individuals are able to live an independent and fulfilling live, regardless of their individual health needs. Epilepsy, or any other condition, doesn’t have to be a barrier to living a normal life with the right support, no matter how severe or frequent seizures might be.

We will not let epilepsy define the lives of those we support; what they accomplish and the goals they achieve every single day is what defines them!

The mission for Purple day is to start conversations and share stories about epilepsy, alongside raising vial funds needed for research into treatments, including the current research into the use of medicinal cannabis.

Find out more about Purple Day and the events taking place. 

Read more about the use of medicinal cannabis to treat epilepsy.

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