Meet the Team – Sam Morris, Learning and Development Manager

Meet the team - Sam

Our ‘Meet the Team’ series continues with Sam Morris, Learning and Development Manager at Home From Home Care. Each instalment is designed to help you learn more about the people delivering exceptional care and support at Home From Home Care.

Before joining Home From Home Care, Sam worked as a Care Sector Manager for a large training provider specialising in Apprenticeship delivery within the Hospitality and Care industries – across Lincolnshire, Cambridge, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.

What made you want to work at HFHC

Having spent 7 years working for a very corporate company, I was looking to work for a company with values and a focus on the people it employs. When I saw the job advertised and subsequently researched HFHC, it was clear to see that is exactly what the company is built on.

What does your current role entail on a day to day basis

My main responsibilities include the management of our full time Learning and Development Partners and our team of Peripatetic Trainers. Collectively we are responsible for the design and delivery of all mandated training, as well as the extensive induction training that we offer. We are also responsible for sourcing external training for any specialist requirements we may have due to an individual’s needs, as well as accredited training courses that we offer to every member of staff, such as Apprenticeship training.

I am also an Integrated Management SupportAssociate. As part of this role I attend staff One2One’s at the Social Care Exchange, providing support to both the attendee and facilitator. I particularly enjoy this role as I learn more about the workings of each individual department (known as Intersourcers). This helps me to see the bigger picture, enabling me to suggest links between Intersourcers that may not have been considered before. I am also now attending One to Ones in the locations, so I am getting to know the great staff teams and the individuals we are privileged to support.

What do you like best about your role

I love the ONE TEAM approach and the dynamic it brings to the working environment. Innovation is encouraged, almost mandated, which inevitably offers a creative forum, allowing acorns to grow into oak trees immediately!

What has been the highlight so far in your time at HFHC

Because I do not have a background in care, I have really enjoyed learning about the purpose of our business and about the individuals that we support. Personal highlights for me are being able to see the L&D department evolve internally, but also being able to see the impact this has on the skills set of our staff who are supporting the individuals.

What makes HFHC different to other businesses with regards to your role

It genuinely is all about the individuals we support. It is often easy to become submersed in your work at the Social Care Exchange, but a trip out to one of our homes really helps to focus your energy in to the reasons we are all here.

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