From fast jets to complex care: Inspiring training for future leaders

HFHC employee in plane

You may think that a career as an RAF Wing Commander and commercial airline pilot is a world away from working in care.

But here at Home From Home Care we think about things a little differently. 

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Captain and former Wing Commander Ryan Mannering to deliver an inspiring management and leadership training programme for our future leaders. 

Having led squadrons of Tornado and Typhoon pilots in the RAF and as a pilot, instructor and examiner for commercial airlines, Ryan’s leadership training is perfectly suited to Home From Home Care.

Why?… We’re one of the most high-tech and progressive care providers in the country so the normal training you’d expect of a care home just wouldn’t do – we need (literal) blue sky thinking!

Creating exceptional leaders

Ryan Mannering spent 22 years in the RAF in various leadership roles and flew fast jets including Tornado GR4 bombers and Eurofighter Typhoons as a wing commander. Now, he’s a captain, flying Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft around the world.

We’ve enlisted Ryan to deliver a bespoke leadership and management training programme that’s inspired by training regimes used by the RAF and commercial airlines and their ‘just culture’ approach.

The programme aims to help ambitious, talented and dedicated colleagues progress their careers rapidly, gaining new responsibilities and leadership skills and applying critical thinking and problem solving skills to their work in the care sector.

The sky’s the limit

Training consultant, Captain and former Wing Commander Ryan Mannering said:

“Managers at Home From Home Care must have an instinctive understanding of technology, a forward thinking ability to embrace innovation as well as a powerful sense of empathy and a desire to help others.

“The RAF has a very well established and developed leadership management training programme that fosters individuals through life and work. I’m combining this with the very different command and control aspects of leadership that are required as commander of an airliner and applying it to the unique organisation and structure of Home From Home Care.

“Home From Home Care is unlike any other care provider in the country; it’s an organisation that’s confident in the use of innovative technologies and it uses these to empower colleagues to deliver exceptional care for the individuals they support.

“I’m tailoring this training programme to the needs of the great people who work here, supporting people from entry level to the very top. In a lot of ways, I’m putting older heads on young shoulders, giving them the tools and experience to become exceptional leaders.”

Exploring new boundaries

Having delivered training sessions for a small cohort of Home From Home Care colleagues, including exercises in resilience and teamwork at Go Ape, Ryan is developing a syllabus that explores new boundaries. It’s hoped that the training syllabus will lead to the creation of new standard operating procedures while establishing a new mentoring structure across the organisation.

Hugo de Savary, Director of Home From Home Care, said:

“As far as leadership experience goes, it doesn’t get much more impressive than Ryan’s. From commanding pilots and ground crews in war zones to training and evaluating the pilots of commercial airliners, Ryan’s management skills are phenomenal and I’m very excited for him to share these with the Home From Home Care team.

“Fast jets and airliners might seem a long way from care, but we’re very different to any other care home operator, so this is exactly the kind of progressive, modern and dynamic leadership training our future managers need. 

“The management practices of the RAF have been successfully adopted by other medical institutions like hospitals with great success, so we’re really excited to see the impact this training programme will have.”

If you’re interested in working your way up to a leadership role with Home From Home Care, browse our current vacancies to start your journey.

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