Kyle’s Film Premiere

FIlm Premiere

On Friday, Kyle hosted a star-studded film premiere of his incredible journey at Home From Home Care. Dressed in a tuxedo, Kyle was picked up in a limousine to ensure he arrived in style for his red-carpet debut!

Held at the Social Care Exchange in Lincoln, the film premiere saw many of the stars of the show – Kyle’s support team – join Kyle and his mother to celebrate and watch the film together.

Profiling Kyle’s life at Home From Home Care, the film featured clips of Kyle talking about his many goals and achievements – from learning to fish to getting a volunteer job and even an amazing indoor Skydive!

Kyle, who has complex behaviours, was a very different individual when he first came to Home From Home Care five years ago, having previously lived at an Assessment Treatment Unit. Moving into his own homely apartment at The Hollies, where he could paint his own room, choose his own furniture and have a staff team who knew how to support him, Kyle’s life has been totally transformed. He now has choices and lives his life to the best of his ability – he is supported to do his own shopping, cook his own meals, spend time with friends and enjoy hobbies and holidays.

Marie Harris, Kyle’s Mum, comments: “Kyle absolutely loves his life! I have seen him through the years being very confused, very anxious, very sad, angry and very dangerous. Whenever I see him now he is healthy, happy, he’ll tell you all about what he’s done – his life has purpose, every minute is full of something he is doing”.

Having shared his film with his audience, Kyle then hosted an awards ceremony for his support team, choosing small trophies to hand out to the winners – with categories including Best Dressed, Best Dancer and Best Driver! An after party followed, where Kyle enjoyed sharing a buffet with his support staff, family and guests.

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