Sensory Experience

Christmas at HFHC

One of the highlights of the festive period is decorating the Christmas tree, and at the Social Care Exchange in Lincoln this is no different.

This year the responsibility was given to Ann Marie and Mark, two of the individuals supported by Home From Home Care. Ann Marie had already spent the morning helping to decorate the tree at her own home so was she was feeling ready to tackle the towering 8ft tree in the entrance of the SCE.

The task was enjoyed by both, with Ann Marie expressing the fact that she preferred the red glittery baubles as they reminded her of her favourite characters – Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Mark enjoying the sensory aspect – the feel of the different textures and the noise of the baubles being shaken in the bag before he chose one.

Decorating a tree is a wonderful activity for all involved and can also be a great sensory experience with the brightly coloured lights, the feel of the different textures, from soft tinsel to rough glittery balls, and not forgetting the wonderful smell of the pine needles. It was certainly a seasonal job enjoyed by Ann Marie and Mark.

The duo enjoyed lunch at the SCE before returning home for more festive preparations.

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