Undercover Hospital Abuse Scandal 22nd May 2019

Undercover Hospital Abuse Scandal

PRESS RELEASE 27th May 2019


Undercover Hospital Abuse Scandal 22nd May 2019

Whilst no words can adequately describe the perpetrators of the systemic abuse at Whorlton Hall, the true villain of the piece is failed regulation. Abuse starts with the smallest issue not being spotted or acted on immediately, as over time it becomes systemic and cultural.

CQC must re-vision itself to become inquisitive about organisations like Home From Home Care (HFHC), whose lifeblood is now real time data and with it, real time transparency. As a provider, you can’t “unknow” what you now know – you must act as the micro evidence/data is undeniable. This real time awareness then drives fundamental operational change and need for new models of care.

New models of care enabled by IT make the prescriptive environmental configurations of CQC’s own care model, Registering the Right Support (RRS), irrelevant. RRS is both superficial and a blocker to new models as it propagates the failed status quo. Abuse, in its many guises, can just as easily happen in a single or large bedded registered service or indeed, in supported living.

CQC needs to factor the practical operational realities of social care as an antidote to hospitals for the most complex. And in tandem, the potential of real time data and transparency to drive real time solutions by IT enabled management. In turn, how this can translate into real time regulation.

Under Ian Trenholm’s new leadership, CQC is finally reviewing its misguided RRS care model. This review must put at the forefront organisations like HFHC who are pioneering ground-breaking use of IT to disrupt existing failed operational methodologies, with their unfactored risks.

Otherwise this will be a false dawn as for certain, the next Whorlton Halls are already out there.

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o HFHC is a family run specialist learning disability residential provider for the most complex individuals with autism and associated health and mental health complexities. Those coming into its services are either exiting Assessment and Treatment Units (ATUs) or likely destined to progress to one.

o HFHC invests heavily in its outstanding staff teams, as exceptional staff deliver exceptional care.

o HFHC operates a fully integrated end to end paperless IT platform that appropriately connects “everyone to everything and everything to everyone”.

All of HFHC services are rated Good or Outstanding by CQC.

Registered Office: 55 Loudoun Road, St John’s Wood, London NW8 0DL · Reg No 5106283

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